A huge congratulations to our InstaStyle winner Frumee Taubenfeld!

“I have had a love for fashion since I could remember. My mother would dress my sisters and me in the most beautiful outfits – from headbands to dresses, to tights down to the shoes we wore. We all felt like we were walking down the runway during fashion week. Fashion has become an intricate part of my life as it truly makes me feel alive. I love how I can envision a certain look and see that idea come to life as I put a jacket on top of a dress paired with the rightshoes and hat. To me, fashion tells a story of who you are and where you are going. I want to share my everyday story with people through my idea of fashion, so they can feel inspired by my style and perspective, and hopefully feel the same passion for fashion that I have developed throughout my life.”
Frumee Taubenfeld

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