Five Towns Jewish Times
June 5, 2013
By Esta Gordon

Modi was funny at the late after party for the Couture For a Cause group at Temple Israel in Lawrence on Tuesday evening. The comedian was a last minute replacement for Joan Rivers who had to cancel due to the death of her sister and the funeral that took place that very afternoon in Philadelphia.
Jut 24-hours prior the organizers—Esther Silber-Berg, Sharon Langert and Michal Weinstein—were jolted with the news that Ms. Rivers will not be able to attend the function that was built entirely around her celebrity, popularity and persona.
The participants and those in attendance rose to the occasion, however, and an extraordinary and emotionally meaningful event is now behind us. As wonderful and as popular as Joan Rivers is she may have been the catalyst but the events that transpired simply demonstrated that this night was not about fluff or celebrity. It was about 500 women coming together and raising significant sums to assist Renewal the Brooklyn based Kidney donor organization and Shirat Devora, that is Devora Shochet of Woodmere who is dealing with ALS. Upon reflection it was the charitable giving and the desire to help those in need that were the stars of the evening.
We were treated to two well-coordinated and presented fashion shows featuring children’s wear by Zoe, LTD and wedding and formal wear by Raquel. The women and children in the shows were both poised and beautiful, the fashion were simply sensational.
Overall this was one great group that is a force of good that proved that they can do anything despite last minute obstacles and seemingly impossible adversity. It was heartwarming and fulfilling just to be there, see it and be able to describe it here. These young women showed that they can do anything. What’s next?


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