We are proud that the KARANA fundraiser has raised over 10K towards The Leon Mayer Fund, an organization of volunteers who have been helping families in the Five Towns and Rockaways with basic necessities for over 20 years. Since the Corona Crisis has hit us the calls for food is staggering. The proceeds from your purchases went directly from our 501C to theirs to be used to help feed families in our community. Thank you to all who supported this fundraiser.

Going forward, all masks can now be purchased via this link.

About the Karana image:

The crown represents both the corona crisis we are facing and our salvation. (Did you know the virus is called corona because it resembled a crown?). In the end it is only G-d our King who controls this and it is G-d who will end this. We need to call out (Kara Na) to him in prayer and unity and have faith that there is a reason for this. The arrow in the middle points up to the heavens. After I designed this I noticed something else….do you see the people all connected in unity holding hands? Though we can’t physically hold hands right now it doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to help others during these hard times. We can’t just be in survival mode thinking only of ourselves. There are so many who will really get hurt, perhaps not even by getting sick but financially. There are those who will feel scared. Overwhelmed. There are always things we can do to alleviate and help others. Images can be powerful. Images speak louder than words. Please feel free to share this image and purchase an item for yourself or for a loved one who needs a pick me up.